Distribute Your Articles is a great service for increasing traffic to your website. It is simple to use and makes it easy and quick to post an article.
~ Debbie Gerber

I've used DYA for some time now. Honestly I was skeptical at first. After about 3 weeks I started seeing good results for my keywords targeted. I know this is due to DYA.
~ Phil Swindle

We have been using this service since it was the old article marketer system. We always get a good result and this is great to show off to clients.
~ SEO Chester

I've been using DYA for over a year and am impressed with how many people have read our articles.
~ Simon Andrews

Distribute Your Articles has started to build up my website clicks in a very positive way. I've noticed that visitors are staying longer! Thanks DYA!
~ Anthony Connor

The interface was really easy and I loved it. It was so easy to post an article. Thanks
~ Paul Moniri

I've been using DYA for a few months now and have been most impressed with how easy it is to submit and publish content. I recommend DYA for your article marketing needs.
~ Michael Shelton

I am new to article marketing but I found DYA very informative and easy to understand.
~ John Anderson

In Depth Analysis From Panda to Penguin

  • Google always changes how they rate and rank websites. See how their latest update affected our members.

DYA is Article Marketing Done Right

The DYA Approach: It's About People

Distribute interesting articles. Pack them chock-full of useful information that helps people. It's people who share, "Like" and "+1" your content, so this is the perfect way for you to improve the buzz you get from social networking. Article submission is also the right strategy for you if back links are what you're after. Just keep in mind that search engines are getting better and better at filtering black hat pseudo-content, which means that writing for bots is sooo 2010. These days it's real content for people that ranks higher in the search engine results pages.

The DYA Approach: It's About Strategy

Your articles are syndicated over time. They go to websites that are already in touch with the target market you're after. This is not one of those sneaky, inbred networks set up just to game the system. Instead, DYA has created Syndication & Distribution Relationships with the owners, bloggers and webmasters of over 10,000 curated, relevant sites. You get to choose who can get your articles and skip any sites you don't like.

The DYA Approach: It's About Exposure

Article marketing has been around for hundreds of years. Write some content, have it published by other people. Article marketing does not trick the search engines. Writing low value, thin content to post on fake sites just for the links you get is spam, not article marketing. Real article marketing continues to be a powerful, inexpensive, guerrilla strategy that works. People in your target market read and benefit from real content that also helps your natural search rankings. Our tools, features, and processes deliver everything you need to reach new customers and grow your business.

Articles Rock

Your Articles Rock

Even the most experienced, professional writers need editors. The DYA Review team reads every article and works with you to identify and correct common mistakes before they make it out into the world.

Articles Soar

Your Articles Soar

Niche bloggers need fresh, spam-free content to entice subscribers and increase visitor retention. DYA puts your content in front of the people they have worked so hard to attract to their sites. Everybody wins.

Articles Inform

Your Articles Inform

You get actionable information to improve the results of your campaigns. DYA reports to you exactly where your articles were sent, when they went out, and allows you to see just how popular they are. That way you can make adjustments to your campaign to get the best results.

Your Article Marketing Campaign Succeeds.
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